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Passing 1st Time

Whether you are a learner with no experience what so ever or you have a few hours clocked up already you should always being going into your driving test with the very best chance of passing first time.

You will know when you are ready for your driving test, you won’t need me to tell you because I will give you all the skills you need to drive alone without any help and that is when you can impress the driving examiner… 

How To Pass Your Driving Test 1st Time

The best way to pass your driving test first time is very simple. Now I do not want to state the obvious but if you can become a natural driver where you just get on with driving and everything clicks into place as being second nature to you, then passing your driving test is going to be a walk in the park.

The first part is to understand when you are ready and I have three tolls for you to test yourself with. The first is the progress report card I would have given you on your first driving lesson with me. It records the skills you can do and to what ability, once you are marked as independent in each section then you are good to go.

The second test is a mock test where you are put under the conditions as your driving test, pass that and you will know you are good enough.

Finally your last few driving lessons before your driving test will be your most enjoyable as you will be driving without the need of me. You will in effect have out me out of work because I am not helping you. You can now say to yourself you have the skills, you are prepared and yes yo have the confidence to pass.

How To Pass Your Driving Test Cheaply

What you need to do is not difficult and you are going to end up thinking, but of course, it all makes sense, why didn’t I think of that before. So this is how you pass your driving test cheaply.

Find a school that is not offering special deals and where you have to wait a week or two to be able to get in. That shows you other believe in their quality.
Then make sure you have the money each week, stopping and starting your driving lessons will mean you take more driving lessons overall.

What you need to do is take lessons regularly and frequently. I have a question for you, in which of the following ways would yo learn more. 1) Take one hour a week for 10 weeks which is 10 hours of tuition. 2) Take 4 hours this week and 4 hours the next week.

Even though option 2 has fewer hours you learn more because you are compacting your learning, therefore you retain more knowledge. Even if you did 2 hours a week you would end up needing fewer driving lessons.

How To Impress The Driving Examiner

First of all try and enjoy the test, you know you can drive and all you are doing is driving with someone next to you. If it was another day that person could be me or anyone, the fact the person is an examiner is not important because you are going to drive great.

As a drive, keep it calm, sooth,comfortable. Allow the examiner to feel comfortable. This will allow you leeway and help win you any psychological advantage. And overall demonstrate you are a safe drive.

Driving Lessons Hull

Safe Driving For Life
I would like to make a personal request, whether you choose me as your driving instructor in Hull or maybe a different school please make sure you train to drive safe. The driving test is a measure of driving safely and it is what you are going to need to do, but more than that it is your life at stake here. Driving should be a great pleasure so make sure you can drive with a smile on your face knowing you are safe and sound.

Driving Schools Hull

Booking the Theory Test
To book your theory test this is the link you will need. Click Here. Please make sure you do your very best to pass the theory test asap because it will help you on your driving lessons with things like roadsigns and hazard perception. If you can get it passed within the first 4 weeks of driving that will be brilliant for you.

Driving Instructors Hull

Booking the Practical Test
And if you CLICK HERE you will be taken to the DVSA page for booking your practical driving test. You will need your provisional driving licence number, you theory test certificate number, a method pf payment and my ADI number to make sure you do not double book me.

driving schools hull

driving lessons hull

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driving lessons in hull

driving lessons hull
Thank you so much Roy couldn’t of done it without you. I was most nervous about having an instructor I didn’t get on with but you made me feel at ease all the time and easy to get on with. You were always patient with me. I like the way u taught me- a way I could relate to. I recommend Roy to anyone wanting to learn he must be good if I passed first time! Thanks again!

Kiera Nicole Laycock

Great driving instructor. Very patient and easy to get along with. Really detailed in his explanations. Would highly recommend.

Jack Robinson

Roy is a very good instructor very patient and a good support throughout my tests..i would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn smile emoticon

Katie Marie Bell


For the person who has never driven before I will give you all the skills you need to get your licence.

Confidence Buiding

Lots of people use this very special course, it removes nerves and helps you take control and feel good.

Part Trained

So you can drive but not yet good enough for your licence. This course will help you saving money on passing.

Driving Lessons Hull

I cover all of over the Hull area, just give me a call to book in your first driving lesson.

Driving Test Rescue

I know why you are failing your driving test and it is not your fault. This course will sort you out.

Driving Lessons Hessle

If you live in Hessle then you are in for a treat because I help loads of people who pass their driving test who live here.