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How To Leave Your Nerves At Home

Yes indeed lots of people and learner drivers become nervy at the prospect of driving and let us be fair driving is not the most natural thing to do, humans were not built to expect 48 tonne lorries heading in your direction…no wonder anxiety can set in.

There are in fact many reasons for people to be not confident about driving and if that is you, I can set you you straight and help you become a driver who is relaxed, comfortable and in control.  I am patient, relaxed and I do not shout, so that means you can make as many errors as you want, it really does not matter…I might even get you laughing! 🙂

When you learn to drive with me I will always protect you and keep you safe at all times. I will never push you into doing something you do not want, only gently encourage you and show to you that you do have what it takes to become a good and safe driver.

For a nice chat give me a call. I can help you pass your driving test.

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