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How To Pass Your Drivng Test 1st Time And Save £500 Getting Your Licence

There are many driving schools in Brough, in fact so many you are spoiled for choice but no one with the exception of us are prepared to show you how to save an awful lot of money when it comes to passing your driving test. If you really work hard you could actually save in the region of £900 simply because many learner drivers do not know the best way to take driving lessons, but today we show you…

Driving Lessons Brough

How Can You Save £500+
It is a really big statement to make especially when lots of learner drivers are looking for cheap Driving Lessons in Brough and are only able to save perhaps as little as £1 or £2 per lesson. So £500 is a lot for anyone to save any we are going to show you how right now.

We at first need to look at a few statistics give to us by the DVSA, they are the government department for driving and cover things like examiners, tests and making sure driving instructors in Brough are up to standard.

They revealed 3 really interesting facts…

1. The average learner driver will need as many as forty severn hours of driving lesson with a driving school in Brough.

2. In addition to the 47 hours the average person will also top that up with twenty hours of private practice.

3. One on two driving tests end in failure.

Using these facts, Drive-TimeHull are able to show how you could save well over £500 on passing your driving test.

The question is, do you want to be average?
You see the average driver will include those learners who take a year to pass their driving test, we are talking about the people who do just a one hour lesson per week. The massive problem with that is the fact you learn very little, development is slow and you waste a serious amount of time and money.

Just imagine finishing your lesson today and then seeing your instructor next week, can you remember what you learned? Will you be at the same standard of driving next week or will you have forgotten things? The thing with training and learning anything is you need practice, and that includes all types of training from school work, to learning to play the guitar…it certainly includes learning to drive.

What happens is this. The following week you will need to go over what you had previously learned and get yourself back up to speed. This could easily take 15 minutes, if not more. Therefore for every 4 hours you spend on driving lessons in Brough you are losing one hour if you are just having a one hour lesson per week.
So when it comes to needing 47 hours to pass the driving test, we think you could have saved around £300 by following our methods…

Driving Lessons In Brough

Our Methods

What we recommend is you carefully condense your learning into a shorter time and increase the time of the lesson, however you do that you will see improved results when it comes to needing fewer driving lessons and saving cash.

A good idea is to pass your theory test early, that will help cut down on the number of lessons you need because we will not need to teach you from the beginning on certain things like road signs.

But also, if you are able to, take a lesson every 3 to 4 days and make sure that driving lesson is at least 90 minutes long, 2 hours if you can.

Driving Schools Brough

More Money To Save…

If you are to take private practice do so in the knowledge it is quite pricey and you could reasonably expect to spend in the region of £400 just for 3 months.
When you add up the immediate costs of insurance and fuel then add into that unseen costs as wear and tear on the brakes, wheels, and clutch, you and easily be spending £30 a week. It is not a lot, but multiply that over 3 months and you are pushing the £400 mark.

However you will not need to do this if you stick to what we recommend. 2 hours lessons; or 90 minutes if you must and then take a lesson every 3 to 4 days. Its a sensible way to learn and it saves you money.

Driving Schools in Brough

Pass First Time

We want to help you learn to drive and to be able to have the ability pass first time because doing so can save you another £300 or so.
There is no trick to pass ing first time and it certainly does not come down to luck. So no matter how many keep their fingers crossed for you, it is going to matter on just one thing, your ability.

The secret to it all, if there is such a thing, is knowing what the driving examiner wants, and thats how we prepare you from the very first driving lesson. What are going to do is make sure you follow 4 steps to every single thing you do when driving, its like a platform or a foundation to learning and it will impress the driving examiner.

The four steps are, being able to adhere to the Highway code, while in control of the car, avoiding hazards and driving with the desire to be safe. Thats it. Nothing more to it than that. And it is how we will teach you on every single driving lessons.

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You might be thinking “why is a business trying to save me money?” and you know, that is a really good question to ask. The thing is, we have lots and lots of successful people coming into our driving school and passing their driving test.
Many of our new clients come from word of mouth with their friends saying how we can help them, so our website is a way of helping people we have never met before.
We want you to know you can have top driving lessons without effecting quality and that is why we carefully show you how to pass the driving test and saving a lot of cash.

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