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Driving Lessons Cottingham

Discover How You Cave Save IN Excess Of £500 On Passing Your Driving Test

There are a lot of driving schools offering cheap driving lessons in Cottingham, and while it may seem great to be able to save £2 here or so, at the very best you might be able to save around £100 in total, but right now I am going to show you a much better method.

I want you to be able to pass your driving test first time, it does wonders for my reputation and you are a very happy customer indeed, so the beginning of the journey to you saving a lot of money and probably over £500 is to be able to pass first time.

Passing your driving test first time will save you around £300, no need for extra lesson, and a new driving test. And this is how you pass your driving test first time.

On each lesson for each skill learned you will do exactly how the driving examiner defines as being safe.

1. Be in control of the car
2. Follow the Highway Code
3. Drive with the attitude of a safe driver
4. Hazard perception and avoidance

Ok, so those 4 steps are going to be coded into you from your very first driving lesson.
But before you go to your test we ant you to be 100% confident and prepared, so you will have…

1. Completed your driving lesson syllabus to a standard of “independent”
2. Passed a mock test
3. Be driving without needing my assistance

Those 7 points will help you pass first time and save you around £300.
This next step is going to save you around £600.
You need to think carefully how you structure your driving lessons.

Here is an example.
You have 2 learners Sara and Ben, they both buy 10 hours of lessons.
Ben takes one hour a week over 10 weeks.
Sara takes 2 hour lessons and has a lesson every 3 or 4 days.
After they complete their 10 hours Sara has learned so much more…why?

The answer is simple. When you are training or practicing you need to do it regularly, even id its a sport of a musical instrument – makes sense doesn’t it.
What Ben is going to come up against is lesson re-capping, just a 15 minute recap on a one hour lesson can cot him around 10-12 hours over all, and thats around a £300 over spend.

But also with Sara, because she is learning frequently with the driving school, she will not require private practice and that is pricey. Just £30 a week for insurance and fuel will set you back close to £400 over a 3 month period.

So if you want a great chance of passing first time, and saving a lot of money. Call me now.

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